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Create Dramatic Interiors With Wallcoverings

Create Dramatic Interiors With Wallcoverings

The wallpaper is back and better than ever. We are thrilled about wallpaper’s exuberant return to the forefront of the interior design world. Choosing the right wallpaper for your dramatic interiors can sometimes feel daunting. Colors, styles, patterns, materials, and textures are all factors to consider. Here are a few tips for you before you go wallpapering every room in your house. From modern living room wallpapers ideas to laminate flooring for the home, we have something for everyone who wishes to have different interior design styles. Let’s start with a hallway.


Wallcovering your hallway demands a lot of effort and thoughtfulness. The hallway is going to be the first place your guest will be able to see and how your guests feel depends on the designer Wallpaper you choose when decorating. There’s no shortage of wallpaper styles, colors, and textures. Decide if you want to cover all walls or if an accent wall with photo frames and patterns would look better in your room design.

The glam style of wallcovering should go with dramatic interior design. The choices for glam wallpaper include embossed, flocked, crystal, or glitter embedded or dramatic reflective designs. This style further can be used to decorate living room wallpaper and more.

Pro Tip: Decorate with accent lighting to illuminate, storage unit complete with helpfully labeled baskets, and highlight your walls.

Luxury wallpapers for Living Room

The living area is where all family members gather and it will be great if you can create a cool and fun environment for living room areas. There are several ways you can use luxury wallpaper for the living room. You can apply it to every wall in every room or only on an accent wall. Modern living room wallpapers ideas mentioned here can be used to break up a wall space or highlight wall space broken up by built-ins.

Pro tip: Go dramatic with your accent wallpaper, like with a zebra print or lush tropical leaf pattern. 3d wallpaper for the living room is another great idea.


If you’re looking for an inexpensive and easy way to get a dramatic kitchen interior, Faux Tin wallpaper, a shiny metallic wallpaper will be the right choice for you. A vintage kitchen or dining room is an ideal candidate for faux tin wallpaper. Several other wallpaper catalogs can also be used to create dramatic kitchen interiors.


When it comes to the bedrooms, the colors you select for an interior wallpaper should be a good match to your window treatments, wooden Flooring for homes and furniture. You can get the color saturation of bold paint color by selecting a colored wallpaper with a pattern that’s a few values lighter. This approach gives an elegant touch to a bedroom.

Bathroom wall decor

You will need wallpapers that can survive in a damp or humid environment. So consider redoing your bathroom with it. Wallpaper may be a cost-efficient redecorating method, and if you add durable semi-gloss paint for the toilet, the results are impressive.