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What kind of Wallpaper is good for home decor?

What kind of Wallpaper is good for home decor?

What kind of Wallpaper is good for home decor?  

The days of the bright yellow and blue painted walls are long gone. Wallpapering using different types of wallpaper is slowly making its way as an alternative to wall paints with modern homeowners. And if you are new to this niche of home decor this blog might just be right for you. Modern-day wallpapers catalogs include 3d wallpaper for living rooms and customized wallpapers for homes. So What are the different types of wallpapers? How do I pick one from among the many different types of wallpaper to match the taste and aesthetics of your home? 

Here is our guide for different types of Designer Wallpapers where you can find the answers to all your questions. It tells you everything you need to know about different types of wallpaper, so do read on.  

Vinyl Wallpapers

Vinyl is a type of plastic that is cheap, durable, light, low maintenance, and water-resistant. Among the foremost widely employed in the market, vinyl wallpapers may be put in any space. These can be homes, offices, cafes, or buildings. Though known as a cheaper option to add color to your walls, the right quality Vinyl wallpaper will look just as good. Also, it works well in any environment – even wet spaces like kitchens and bathrooms or frequently used areas. These can be the best bedroom & home wallpapers and can further be customized to create luxury wallpapers for the Living Room.  

Metallic Wallpapers 

As the name suggests, this type of wallpaper has thin layers of metal film or thread woven in them to form types of wallpaper patterns. This type of wallpaper can be implemented where the natural lights are a little off. For instance, striped designer wallpaper with metallic tones will bounce natural light around your hallway for a warm glow. These wallpapers are known for their callus looks and the longevity it offers which makes them an ideal choice for modern Living Room wallpapers

Traditional Wallpapers 

If you are planning to build your house interiors around ancient themes, this will be one of the best choices of wallpapers. It is either single or double superimposed, has cellulose as its base, and is very environment friendly. However, these wallpapers cannot stand against moisture and fade away due to sun exposure or prolonged use. Hence, it cannot be an ideal choice as designer wallpapers or customized wallpapers for homes. Furthermore, these wallpapers aren’t washable.  


Last but not least. Whether you want a room refresh or a total space transformation, wall murals and designer wallpaper is the simple and stylish way to update your home wall decor. This type can be used in all spaces – children’s rooms, living rooms, hallways, and kitchens.