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Which Wallpaper is the Best for a Living room?

Which Wallpaper is the Best for a Living room?

Which Wallpaper is the Best for a Living room?

The living room is where the family spends most of their waking hours at home, so the wallpaper you choose will be the backdrop for all your family photos and memories. Decorating this room involves some major decisions, but choosing the wallpaper doesn’t have to be a difficult choice. Luxury wallpapers for the Living Room turn the good old parlor into a modern lounge. Classic wall designs or stylish luxury, trends like Shabby Chic or Minimalist Scandinavian – anything is possible.  

Now before making any choices, you shall consider the following factors i.e. your level of formality, who is going to use the living room either you or your guests, do you want a neutral room to last a lifetime, or do you want to use the living room to showcase the best parts of your family’s personality and tastes? 

Secondly, consider longevity. Do you have hyperactive kids and is your household tidy and reserved? Unlike other modern living room wallpapers ideas, you will need Nylon and non-woven wallpapers which are washable as well. These wallpapers can be a great option if there’s a potential for crayon wall art. If your living room is going to be occupied by adults, Customized wallpapers for homes can be a great option. 

We’ve highlighted some of our favorite living room wallpaper ideas and 3d wallpaper for the living room here. Which style suits you best?

First, let’s talk about colors. Your living room should be warm and welcoming as well as bold and vibrant bubbling with energy. It is wise to use green wallpapers to keep the mind fresh and alert and may work as an energizer when you’re able to call it quits. The color blue improved communication and focus. It gives a sense of peace and quiet, and it helps lower stress levels as well. The color yellow can provide energy and improve your ability to think. Never use red as it can denote aggression and may create additional pressure when you’re already stressed. 

Now let’s talk about Wallpaper catalogs for the living room. Traditional designer wallpaper patterns like damask, toile and classic flowers are perfect for a formal living room. These styles of wallpapers can be used in several ways. Whether you want to create historic homes around priceless antiques or modern-day cool and funky living rooms, above mentioned wallpaper styles work the best. 

The living room is a shared space, so when one person in the household likes bold stripes and another prefers pastel florals, a compromise must be reached. Ivory, white, or tonal eggshell wallpapers appeal to everyone. Vastu suggests putting a combination of red, though not too much, in the living room.